Cabin Weekend - June 18 - 20 2010

We spent this past weekend at our family cabin in northern MN. Some neighborhood friends (the Jacksons) came up and spent the weekend with us as well. It was a good relaxing time. The kids had fun together, and so did the adults. We did some boating, and a single fishing expedition, where Clayton was the only fruitful fisherman, and quite a bit of relaxing.

The weather was good (in the 70's), but not too sunny, which seemed to keep the bugs away. The first day was very windy. It was a bit eerie to watch the tops of the trees sway so much, especially paired with the large branches that were raining from the sky. Later in the weekend, we did have a bonfire complete with marshmallow roasting and s'more eating. Everyone enjoyed that. The older kids would run behind the cabin, write a quick song, then pop out to perform it for us. Oh fer cute!

Claire really had a thing for the Jackson's youngest, Ian. He's 4, and Claire had a mad crush on him. Just mentioning his name puts the biggest grin on her face.

I'm not sure when we'll make it up again, but we all had fun leaving the stresses of home behind us for a weekend.

Claire Prefers the Radio

This isn't very flattering to Alison, but it is pretty funny. Her brothers taught her this classy move.

Claire Does Chores - Part 2

Claire loves to help out with chores. Dishes, Laundry, Trash, and now add to the list, wiping the table. Check out that elbow grease!

See Also: Claire Does Chores - Part 1

Kids + Institute of Arts = Good Times

This weekend we took the kids to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. They had a good time, and we barely scratched the surface of things they had to offer. Alison and I were both kind of surprised at ourselves for not coming to the MIA sooner.

Above is a video of Claire wandering one of the exhibits. Claire was not interested in sitting in a stroller at all. She seemed to just love the long hallways and big open space. Not to mention running circles around one of the Budha statues. Alison was a bit miffed that we just wandered off, and I understand, but I thought it was too cute. Claire quickly wore herself out though, and it was back into the stroller for a nap.

Below are a couple of videos of the boys mimicing some statues we found. It was fun to watch them

Introducing Comet - Our New Kitty

Because I'm a sucker for a happy family, I caved in and let the family get a new pet. Meet Comet, our new pitch white* kitty. Here is a very uninteresting video of him eating food. It's all I have. It's also hard to get a sense of how small he is in this video, but he's small.

* Cameron used the phrase "pitch white" to describe him once. He realized it was the wrong thing to say, but I still think it's funny

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